Why I’m Ditching Lending Club….

Why I'm Leaving Lending Club

I have invested with Lending Club for four years.  My returns have been decent.  About 8 percent in mid-grade quality loans.  (For those unfamiliar with Lending Club, the company serves as a platform allowing investors to make unsecured consumer finance loans to individuals.) However, I have decided to liquidate my accounts — one a regular taxable […]

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Thinking Of Early Retirement? Here Are The Dos And Don’ts

The Dos And Don'ts Of Early Retirement

As close readers of Mighty Investor know, I don’t believe in “retirement.”  My mantra is financial independence yes, early retirement no! Why?  Because people who think of themselves as “retired” often slide into a zombie-like mode of shuffling along.  Quasi-aimless.  It ain’t good. That said, post-job my lifestyle is chill enough and autonomous enough that I do […]

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The Brazilian, The Ferrari, and Dr. Ruth

The Brazilian, The Ferrari, And Dr. Ruth

I’ll never forget that night.  I was in Miami for a trade conference.  My buddy John was posted to our embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  I was posted to Kingston, Jamaica. And here we were, enjoying a welcome respite back in the United States after many months advancing U.S. interests in the Caribbean ;).  John suggested we […]

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Is Facebook Evil?

Is Facebook Evil? Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

“Facebook Is Amazing,” the whole world in 2013. “Facebook Is The Devil,” the whole world in early April 2018. “Facebook Makes Money Hand Over Fist,” the whole world in late April 2018. One of the recurring themes of Mighty Investor is that manias drive markets and groupthink runs riot in the media. The treatment of Facebook by the media […]

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The Ambassador’s Tale of Financial Woe (A True Story)

The Ambassador's Tale of Financial Woe

Ambassador X walked into my office, and she wasn’t smiling.”F$##$k,” I thought.   It’s not normal for an ambassador to come to your office.  You’re supposed to visit her.  “Ambassador, how can I help you?” I asked.She sat down.  Clearly in a sour mood. “F#$%#$,” I thought again.”I want to tell you something,” she said, looking at […]

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Vivaldi Died A Pauper – Will You?

Vivaldi Died A Pauper - Will You?

Do you remember the great composer Antonio Vivaldi?He was epic.  He wrote The Four Seasons, a masterwork you hear all the time.  It never gets old.   In fact, you might want to fire up that song while you read the rest of this post.  Here you go: Vivaldi Died A Pauper – Despite His Gifts To […]

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