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Thinking Of Early Retirement? Here Are The Dos And Don’ts

The Dos And Don'ts Of Early Retirement

As close readers of Mighty Investor know, I don’t believe in “retirement.”  My mantra is financial independence yes, early retirement no! Why?  Because people who think of themselves as “retired” often slide into a zombie-like mode of shuffling along.  Quasi-aimless.  It ain’t good. That said, post-job my lifestyle is chill enough and autonomous enough that I do […]

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Retire Early – Should You Take The Plunge?

Retire Early

Should you retire early?  The question of early retirement is a lot more complicated than most writers admit.  Because leaving work early and achieving financial independence are a dream for so many, financial writers (especially on the internet) tend to sell to those dreams and paper over the real challenges that many encountert when the […]

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