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Where Do You Put Your Sweat Equity?

Not long ago, I wrote about the importance of finding leverage on your path to wealth–leverage through scale, leverage through attention, leverage through investments, even leverage through elite institutions. I want to clarify something about leverage, however.    Consider this.  What if you tried to be Katy Perry, Warren Buffet, Tom Brady, and a real estate tycoon all […]

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Vivaldi Died A Pauper – Will You?

Vivaldi Died A Pauper - Will You?

Do you remember the great composer Antonio Vivaldi?He was epic.  He wrote The Four Seasons, a masterwork you hear all the time.  It never gets old.   In fact, you might want to fire up that song while you read the rest of this post.  Here you go: Vivaldi Died A Pauper – Despite His Gifts To […]

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7 Steps To Avoid Job Burnout And Find Career Nirvana

7 Steps To Avoid Burnout And Find Career Nirvana

The modern world is amazing.  Smartphones bring us a cybernetic “world mind,” with all its information, straight to our screens.  We can have our groceries and everything else delivered to straight to our homes.  We can travel more cheaply than ever before.  We can conduct a free video chat with anyone, anywhere in the world.  […]

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Mighty Work

Mighty Work

Mighty Investor doesn’t advocate a mad scramble to escape “work.” In particular, we don’t urge abandoning your job unless that is what you are called to do. We think work is noble, enriching, and a profound part of life

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