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The Summation Of Decisions

The Summation of Decisions

Your life will eventually be the summation of a lifetime of decisions, both large and small. A massive percent of the diseases afflicting Americans are related to lifestyle.  You see those people who are stiff, brittle, and limping along at 70?  This is to a large degree a function of a lifetime of decisions. What […]

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Beware The “Perfect” Career

Beware The Perfect Career

Watch out for trying to build the “perfect” career.  Trying to make it perfect may massively sabotage you.  You will keep changing and moving around and never settle on a trajectory. Achievement and financial success, for most of us, derive from steady application on a specific trendline.  That is to say by developing valuable skills […]

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Advice From Rich Dudes

Advice from Rich Dudes

Have you ever noticed how some of the most financially successful people in America say, “do what you love?”  Well, keep in mind that “what they love” happens to be insanely lucrative.  It’s not the same thing to love value investing as opposed to love mastering the xylophone (lovely though that instrument may or may […]

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Startup Vs Corporate – Which Should You Pick?

Startup Vs Corporate - Lean Towards The Elite Firm

Startup vs corporate.  What should you do?  Many people debate taking the startup route vs. going corporate.  Both paths have advantages.  However, If I were just getting out of college and starting my career, I’d lean towards getting in with an elite firm.  Here’s why.Startup Vs Corporate – Mighty Investor Says Lean Towards The Elite […]

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Your Career Is A Game

The Career Game: A Mindset for Success

The career game.  We all play it.  Sometimes with great success, sometimes less so. But have you ever looked at your career as a game?  I suggest you adopt this mindset.  Here’s why.The Career GameWhen you look at something as a game, you maintain a certain detachment and don’t take things so utterly seriously.  You […]

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“Be Realistic!” or “Chase My Dreams?”

Should You Be Realistic, or Chase Your Dreams??? This is a false dichotomy.  I say be realistic while chasing your dreams….. You have to eat.  So you need money.  Get the best job you can, and chase your dreams like mad on the side.  With this approach, you will be building skills on someone else’s […]

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The Perils of Restless Change

The Perils of Restless Change is an optimistic place.  This is because we really do believe you can build a phenomenal career, save up a massive financial buffer, and invest such that you beat 80 percent of professional investors. That said, we sometimes throw out a note of caution.  And here is one. Beware the perils of restless change.  […]

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