Startup Vs Corporate – Which Should You Pick?

Startup Vs Corporate - Lean Towards The Elite Firm

Startup vs corporate.  What should you do?  Many people debate taking the startup route vs. going corporate.  Both paths have advantages.  However, If I were just getting out of college and starting my career, I'd lean towards getting in with an elite firm.  Here's why.

Startup Vs Corporate - Mighty Investor Says Lean Towards The Elite Institution 

If you flourish at an elite company, this will demystify corporate America (or wherever you are), help you quickly build an emergency fund and financial buffer, and teach you the norms of top-shelf business.  You will develop skills skills skills and build a lot of confidence.  Also, having a well-known firm on your resume will open doors for the rest of your life.

If You Are A Born Entrepreneur, Go Do Your Thing.  But For Everyone Else.....

If you are a born entrepreneur, you will ignore this advice--and that's great.  But for many, the corporate route is the better approach.  Also, keep in mind that having the good fortune to land with the right startup early enough that it hits it big and eventually goes public is something of a crap shoot--with the odds stacked heavily against you.