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Are You Cheap, Or Just Smart???

You're Not Cheap, Just Smart

“Cheap……  Frugal……  Tightwad……” It’s fascinating how much people debate the wisdom of saving money on small items. There is no one answer. Do you savor the Starbucks experience? Then, great, go get your Starbucks. But if you are broke or in debt, it is just plain stupid to spend $5 on a Starbucks drive-through every day on the […]

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Save Money – The $100 Per Day Challenge

Save Money - The $100 Per Day Challenge

Once you get serious about achieving financial independence, you will quickly shift how you relate to the money flowing through life.  You will realize that you need to save money if you ever hope to accumulate assets.Save Money – The $100 Per Day ChallengeHere is an example from my own life.  When I finally decided […]

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Slightly Used = Millionaire….

Why, if you have credit card debt, would you buy a new pair of skis and bindings for over $1000 if you can buy demo skis (that have been used about five times) for $400? If you don’t have at least $1 million in assets, why would you spend $50,000 on a new truck when you […]

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The Frugal One

It was the heart of winter in Riga, Latvia.  Dark.  Dark when you got to work, dark when you went home.  On those few occasions when the sun did peak out from cloudy skies, the light at 57 degrees north was wan and slanting. And in walked The Frugal One. The Frugal One had come to work […]

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Do You Have An Emergency Fund? Should You?

Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is generally three to six months’ worth of living expenses.  An emergency fund is just common sense and not structuring your life so that you are a whisker away from disaster.  If you haven’t created an emergency savings account, here is the order we suggest you take as you get started:Scaling Up […]

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