Save Money On Gas – Use Google Maps For Any Trip Over A Couple of Miles

Save Money On Gas With Google Maps

If you make the habit of checking Google Maps before you leave on a trip, even when you know the route, it can save you lots of time and hassle.  It's also a simple way to save on money on gas over time.

Let The Algos Save You Money On Fuel

Here’s an example from this week.  I went to see an NHL game in downtown Denver.  I have driven the route many times, but checked Google Maps before leaving.

Google’s software suggested a route that was not on the main highway, but said I’d get there a few minutes earlier.  This was due to rush hour traffic clogging up the main route.

I kept Google Maps on as I drove, and it kept me on the alternative route.  At one point, there were two accidents on the main route that I hadn’t taken, and Google estimated my route was saving me 34 minutes.  This was on a drive that should have only been 40 minutes total.

I would have been late for the game had I not used the algo.

Reduce Wear And Tear On Your Car As Well

Another advantage of checking Google Maps is that it often will suggest new and unconventional routes on drives you’ve done for years and years.

More efficient driving not only saves time, but also reduces wear and tear on your car, and potentially avoids accidents since you end up spending less time driving.

Yes, Google Maps is sometimes way off and makes irrational suggestions.  So you have to use your common sense when interpreting the algorithm's advice.  But this little tip will help you save money on gas, conserve your time and energy, and reduce the wear on your car.  Let me know if it helps.

(Hat tip to Mr. Money Mustache, who originally got me thinking about using GPS more intensively.)