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Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Should You Buy Bitcoin? Probably Not.

Should you buy Bitcoin? In early 2014, I was going through the application process to invest $10,000 in Bitcoin through the Mt. Gox exchange.  At the time, Mt. Gox was the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world.   I knew Bitcoin was a new asset (at the time valued below $500) and was considering investing a small […]

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The Ambassador’s Tale of Financial Woe (A True Story)

The Ambassador's Tale of Financial Woe

Ambassador X walked into my office, and she wasn’t smiling.”F$##$k,” I thought.   It’s not normal for an ambassador to come to your office.  You’re supposed to visit her.  “Ambassador, how can I help you?” I asked.She sat down.  Clearly in a sour mood. “F#$%#$,” I thought again.”I want to tell you something,” she said, looking at […]

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Are You A Mighty Investor?

What Makes a Mighty Investor?  Good question. A Few, Simple Qualities Make The Mighty Investor 1. You know that your actions have consequences. That the daily decisions you make from moment to moment cumulatively have a massive impact on your life. That is one of the core beliefs of–we can take cumulative action and […]

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Tax-Efficient Financial Freedom

Tax-Efficient Financial Independence

In 2016, my taxable income plummeted.  However, my net worth went up considerably.  How does this happen?  Tax-efficient investing. Tax-Efficient Investing–Initial Steps Contribute to a Roth or Traditional IRA every year.  (See info on the back-door Roth below.) Contribute to a Health Savings Account every year. Contribute to SEP-IRA when possible. If you have money […]

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The Stock Market Is Always Overvalued

Ths Stock Market Is Always Overvalued

The stock market has always seemed overvalued to me.  I remember when I first started investing in the mid-1990s.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was closing in on 5000.  It made me nervous.  The market had moved too far, too fast.  I just knew a correction was coming.  The market is now four times higher […]

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