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Do You Need An ATM Buffer Account?
My father's ATM card number was stolen a few years ago and the thieves cleaned out $4,000 (the entire amount[...]
Why I’m Ditching Lending Club….
I have invested with Lending Club for four years.  My returns have been decent.  About 8 percent in mid-grade quality[...]
Stock Market Risk – Key Challenges For the Medium-Term
I've been watching U.S. and global stock markets for decades.  In my judgment, the key medium-to-long-term risks to the U.S.[...]
Negotiation Strategies – A Casual Approach Leads To Surprising Results
Prices are often more negotiable than you think.  I recently visited an REI to buy new hiking shoes in preparation[...]
The Stock Market Is Always Overvalued
The stock market has always seemed overvalued to me.  I remember when I first started investing in the mid-1990s.  The[...]
Simple Tastes
When you have simple tastes, your career opportunities open up massively because you aren't forced to focus on maximizing income[...]

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