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Work lays the foundation for financial freedom.  Our goal is not to escape work, but to find/create work you find deeply rewarding.

Savings Tips

Saving builds the financial buffer necessary to take your life to the next level.  We don't advocate self-denial, but strategic decision-making about money.  

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Uncomplicated Investment strategies focused on the long-term deliver results. Investing can be intimidating, but becomes easier with experience.  

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Where Are You In The Food Chain? Why?

Since you are now streaking like an arrow towards financial independence, you are eventually going to start asking yourself more questions about your career and earnings potential. I've got a dirty little secret for you [...]

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True Prosperity – A Word of Caution

Mighty Investor strives for all of us to enjoy prosperity and abundance in our lives--including lots of nice stuff.  However, a word of caution. When we are unduly focused on demonstrating massive material abundance [...]

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Streaking Like An Arrow Towards Financial Independence 2.0

We've said it before, and we say it again here: you are now streaking like an arrow towards Financial Independence. How does that feel?  Real?  Exaggerated?  Inevitable? This image of an arrow in flight is Mighty Investor's [...]

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Thoughts on the Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is generally three to six months' worth of living expenses. An emergency fund is just common sense and not structuring your life so that you are a whisker away from disaster. If you haven't created one, here is the rough order I suggest you go about it: [...]

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Think Hard About The Institution

Think hard about the institution you will join.  What will you learn?  Whom you will interact with?  The institution's values and behavior will likely rub off.  Do you like and admire the people who work there?  Do you want to be like them? [...]

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Build Wealth on The Trailing Edge of Technology

You can get rich riding the trailing edge of technology.  This means just buy slightly used or slightly older models of cell phones. Here's an example.  I've decided to upgrade my cell phone.  I'm doing this because I want a higher quality camera for making videos for  I've done my research, and I'm going to by a Samsung Galaxy S7 used.  This is argu [...]

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Are You Drifting Towards a Scrooge Mentality?

I find that many (possibly most) people attracted to personal finance blogs and books have a focus on saving more than on earning.  This may have to do with temperament or how we were raised.  There is nothing wrong with this. However [...]

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