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Why I’m Ditching Lending Club….
I have invested with Lending Club for four years.  My returns have been decent.  About 8 percent in mid-grade quality[...]
If You Have Credit Card Debt….
If you have credit card debt, and I mean any credit card debt:Cancel your cable.Don't buy a top-end cell phone. [...]
One Psychological Trap That Investors (And Everyone) Should Avoid Like The Plague
Not long ago, I wrote about my biggest investment mistakes so far. I realized this might have created the impression that[...]
The Ambassador’s Tale of Financial Woe (A True Story)
Ambassador X walked into my office, and she wasn't smiling."F$##$k," I thought.   It's not normal for an ambassador to[...]
Capitol One Epic Sign On Bonus
For those of you who play the frequent flier / cash back points game, Capital One has a pretty epic[...]
Investment Bubbles – How To Spot Market Manias And Avoid Getting Burned
People get absorbed and carried away with certain topics.  It happens over and over again.  Most people don’t realize this[...]

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