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Bold Action, Thoughtful Frugality….
"Bold Action, Thoughtful Frugality.  That's the deadly combination." ~ MightyInvestor.com
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds – A Key Book for Financial Freedom
A crucial skill as one works towards financial independence is identifying and avoiding speculative bubbles. Spotting bubbles is not as[...]
Sure, Practice Mindfulness – But What About Ambition In Life
We hear a lot these days about mindfulness, meditation, living in the present, etc.  These are all great.  Truly.  They[...]
Where Do You Put Your Sweat Equity?
Not long ago, I wrote about the importance of finding leverage on your path to wealth--leverage through scale, leverage through[...]
Beware The “Perfect” Career
Watch out for trying to build the "perfect" career.  Trying to make it perfect may massively sabotage you.  You will[...]
Does Money Matter? Heck Yeah, But…
Despite the cliché, money does matter. Here's just a few reasons why:Money buys quality health care for you and your[...]

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