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Cheaper Insurance – 60 Minutes, Two Phone Calls = $4,187.69
I got a letter this week that kind of got on my nerves.  My car insurance rates were going up[...]
Simple Tastes
When you have simple tastes, your career opportunities open up massively because you aren't forced to focus on maximizing income[...]
You Can Move Up The Learning Curve Very Quickly
We highlighted here some of the pitfalls of being early in the learning curve.  We offered some basic strategies here to address the initial[...]
Why I’m Glad The Uber And Lyft IPOs Got Crushed
I love using Uber and Lyft, but I am glad they got run over (pun intended) by the markets.  Here's[...]
Batch Your Life: Save Time, Money, and Stress
Do you batch your work? Unless you enjoy a surfeit of free time, you should.  I love batching.  It relieves[...]
The Perils of Restless Change
MightyInvestor.com is an optimistic place.  This is because we really do believe you can build a phenomenal career, save up[...]

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