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Quick Savings: Get Your Kindle Book Through the Library
About to buy a book on Kindle?  Check if your local library carries the e-book and check it out online.[...]
It Is Easier To Subtract Than To Add
Trying to improve your life, but struggling or lacking energy? Don't "do something." Subtract something: Subtract sugar--see what happens Subtract[...]
The Pitfalls of Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom.  Ahhhhh.  It beckons like an oasis on the horizon. But let me tell you what financial freedom doesn't[...]
Mighty Work
Mighty Investor doesn’t advocate a mad scramble to escape "work." In particular, we don't urge abandoning your job unless that[...]
The Overspent American – A Key Book for Financial Independence
Juliet Schor's The Overspent American was one of the five books that put me on a vector towards financial independence.[...]

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