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Quick Savings: Get Your Kindle Book Through the Library
About to buy a book on Kindle?  Check if your local library carries the e-book and check it out online.[...]
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A few years ago, I saved thousands of dollars over several years while staying in the same rental unit in[...]
Build Wealth on The Trailing Edge of Technology
You can get rich riding the trailing edge of technology.  This means just buy slightly used or slightly older models[...]
Money Math – The Simple Calculations Behind Financial Freedom
At MightyInvestor.com, our goal is to teach and model the thoughts and behavior that lead to prosperity, joy, and greater[...]
“Working With the Machines” — Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over
When I lived in Croatia, I often gave speeches to high school and university students.  One theme I stressed during[...]
Beautiful Libraries – How The Bookstacks Of The World Can Make You Rich!
It's sort of nuts that people don't use our beautiful libraries more.  Especially those people focused on achieving financial independence[...]

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