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Quote To Ponder: “When You See”
“When you see someone who has a lot of knowledge, they learned it over time.  When you see someone who[...]
Think Hard About The Institution
Think hard about the institution you will join.  What will you learn?  Whom you will interact with?  The institution's values[...]
Do You Need An ATM Buffer Account?
My father's ATM card number was stolen a few years ago and the thieves cleaned out $4,000 (the entire amount[...]
Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.
Somewhere along the way, as modern life shifted from an agricultural society to what we have today (should I call[...]
If You Have Credit Card Debt….
If you have credit card debt, and I mean any credit card debt:Cancel your cable.Don't buy a top-end cell phone. [...]
The Backdoor Roth IRA
Here's a tip I've been using since 2010.  If you prefer a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA but have[...]

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