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The Mighty Pledge
The MightyInvestor.com pledge is simple: Our focus is first and foremost on helping YOU.  Yes, we are here to make[...]
Doing Things Differently On The Way To Financial Independence
Here is a great quote from about going your own way and doing things differently on the route to financial[...]
You Can Invest – Right Now
A Mighty Investor is not just someone who owns stocks, index funds, or other financial assets. Yes, we love investing[...]
Should You Buy Bitcoin?
Should you buy Bitcoin?In early 2014, I was going through the application process to invest $10,000 in Bitcoin through the[...]
The Lost Art of Frugality
In an earlier post I wrote against the scrooge mentality.  I stand by those words.  We need to focus on[...]
Building a Successful Career Path: What Is Your Context?
As you plan and adapt your career, I have a suggestion.  Instead of just thinking about pay or any other[...]

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