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Focus: The Most Underrated Trait in the World
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett reportedly both gave the same answer when describing the single most important factor to the[...]
Why I’m Glad The Uber And Lyft IPOs Got Crushed
I love using Uber and Lyft, but I am glad they got run over (pun intended) by the markets.  Here's[...]
Naval Ravikant’s How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) – Full Text
Naval Ravikant has written one of the most profound and succinct explanations of how to get rich ethically in the modern[...]
Stuck In Your Job? Start Swimming In A New Direction
If you are stuck in your job, or if you simply don’t like where your life is in general, you[...]
Negotiation Strategies – A Casual Approach Leads To Surprising Results
Prices are often more negotiable than you think.  I recently visited an REI to buy new hiking shoes in preparation[...]
Start Investing Now
Here is my best advice to you about when to begin investing.Start investing now.*As soon as possible.I mean like in[...]

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