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Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds – A Key Book for Financial Freedom
A crucial skill as one works towards financial independence is identifying and avoiding speculative bubbles. Spotting bubbles is not as[...]
Chase Sapphire Banking Account Review – 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points For A Teeny Bit of Effort
I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Banking Account six months ago.  Why?  One reason and one reason only: to[...]
Save Money – The $100 Per Day Challenge
Once you get serious about achieving financial independence, you will quickly shift how you relate to the money flowing through[...]
Why You Seldom Get Advised To “Save Money”
Do you want to know a secret?  Most people online that give advice about money and investing avoid talking about[...]
Financial Freedom: The Simple Path from A to Z…
Achieving financial freedom is not that hard.  It's a matter of high-quality strategic decisions combined with the ability to delay gratification.[...]
Cheaper Insurance – 60 Minutes, Two Phone Calls = $4,187.69
I got a letter this week that kind of got on my nerves.  My car insurance rates were going up[...]

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