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Are You the Babe Ruth of Investing?
Are you the Babe Ruth of investing? The media lionize certain value investors, speculators, and hedge fund managers--just like star athletes.[...]
That Smug Upper Middle Class Mindset
This post might offend you.  So be it.  I want to shift your thinking. When I first became a diplomat,[...]
Negotiation Strategies – A Casual Approach Leads To Surprising Results
Prices are often more negotiable than you think.  I recently visited an REI to buy new hiking shoes in preparation[...]
“Working With the Machines” — Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over
When I lived in Croatia, I often gave speeches to high school and university students.  One theme I stressed during[...]
What’s Your Theme? A Simple Technique for Career Progression
So, tell me, what's your theme?  Your focus?  The arc or pattern that drives your professional life and ensures career[...]
Frugal Travel – It’s Easy To Travel For Less And Come Out WAY Ahead
When I lived overseas, my colleagues would fly their family halfway around the world to take a vacation.  I would[...]

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