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Quick Savings: Empty Starbucks Coffee Bag = Free Cup of Joe
Bring your empty Starbucks coffee bag to your local Starbucks.  They will exchange the bag for a free cup of[...]
Slightly Used = Millionaire….
Why, if you have credit card debt, would you buy a new pair of skis and bindings for over $1000[...]
Are You the Babe Ruth of Investing?
Are you the Babe Ruth of investing? The media lionize certain value investors, speculators, and hedge fund managers--just like star athletes.[...]
Doing Things Differently On The Way To Financial Independence
Here is a great quote from about going your own way and doing things differently on the route to financial[...]
The Brazilian, The Ferrari, and Dr. Ruth
I’ll never forget that night.  I was in Miami for a trade conference.  My buddy John was posted to our[...]
Stocks Are The Perfect Investment
For me, stocks are the perfect investment.  Here's why: Over time (20 years or more), stocks as an asset class[...]

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