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Your Career Is A Game
The career game.  We all play it.  Sometimes with great success, sometimes less so. But have you ever looked at[...]
The Lost Art of Frugality
In an earlier post I wrote against the scrooge mentality.  I stand by those words.  We need to focus on[...]
Plant. Cultivate. Harvest.
Somewhere along the way, as modern life shifted from an agricultural society to what we have today (should I call[...]
Digital Nomad Life – How To Embrace The Digital Lifestyle Without Torpedoing Your Career
Digital nomad is the new moniker for people who build (or strive to build) an online business while traveling the[...]
“Be Realistic!” or “Chase My Dreams?”
Should You Be Realistic, or Chase Your Dreams??? This is a false dichotomy.  I say be realistic while chasing your[...]
Smart Investing is About Flourishing
Warren Buffet, arguably the greatest financial investor of the mid-to-late twentieth century, made billions.  But did you know that he[...]

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