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Work lays the foundation for financial freedom.  Our goal is not to escape work, but to find/create work you find deeply rewarding.

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Saving builds the financial buffer necessary to take your life to the next level.  We don't advocate self-denial, but strategic decision-making about money.  

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Uncomplicated Investment strategies focused on the long-term deliver results. Investing can be intimidating, but becomes easier with experience.  

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When It Comes to Saving Money, Focus On The Big Financial Wins

When you start down the path towards financial independence, there will come a moment when you realize the importance of each and every dollar flowing through your life.  Those money flows form the foundation of [...]

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Smart Savings: Hang At The Library On Vacation

Sometimes on vacation you just want to chill.  You don't need a beer.  You've already had your coffee.  You just want to read a book or newspaper and soak up the atmosphere. Here's a suggestion you might not have thought of [...]

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Mighty Work

Mighty Investor doesn’t advocate a mad scramble to escape "work." In particular, we don't urge abandoning your job unless that is what you are called to do. We think work is noble, enriching, and a profound part of life [...]

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Where Are You In The Food Chain? Why?

Since you are now streaking like an arrow towards financial independence, you are eventually going to start asking yourself more questions about your career and earnings potential. I've got a dirty little secret for you [...]

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Thoughts on the Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is generally three to six months' worth of living expenses. An emergency fund is just common sense and not structuring your life so that you are a whisker away from disaster. If you haven't created one, here is the rough order I suggest you go about it: [...]

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The Financial Buffer Let’s You Take Risks

The Financial Buffer is the financial wall you build between yourself and economic insecurity. I want to stress that the financial buffer is not the same as an emergency fund. An emergency fund covers three to six months' worth of living expenses. An emergency fund [...]

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What’s Your Theme?

So, tell me, what is your theme?  Your focus?  The arc or pattern or organizing principle that drives your professional life? This is a key question, and one that is not always easy to answer.  I don't mean what is your job.  A specific job can shift and change, [...]

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9th Grade Math Will Get You There

The goal of is to teach and model a pattern of thoughts that lead to prosperity, joy, and greater freedom. In some ways, we are simply teaching the skills of using ninth grade algebra--both in your daily life and in investing.  These skills are combined with the ability to think long-term and delay gratification. Here is a very simple example.  Amazon [...]

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