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My Biggest Investment Mistakes, By Far
I have been investing since 1991.  Yep, since I was 18 years old.  I got an IRA that year and[...]
How YOU Get Mighty: One Post to Rule Them All….
The Mighty Investor Uber-post on money, investing, and career.  One Post To Rule Them All.Get FrugalFrugality is a key plank[...]
You Can Invest – Right Now
A Mighty Investor is not just someone who owns stocks, index funds, or other financial assets. Yes, we love investing[...]
“Be Realistic!” or “Chase My Dreams?”
Should You Be Realistic, or Chase Your Dreams??? This is a false dichotomy.  I say be realistic while chasing your[...]
Naval Ravikant’s How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) – Full Text
Naval Ravikant has written one of the most profound and succinct explanations of how to get rich ethically in the modern[...]
Quick Savings: Mail Book Rates
Did you know it is super cheap to send books in the mail in the United States.  There is a[...]

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