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Return Stuff You Don’t Like or Want

Return Stuff You Don't Like

I wouldn’t write this, but I have personally known people who just can’t be bothered to return clothes they bought that didn’t fit or that they didn’t like–or to send some item back to Amazon that just didn’t match their expectations. Yes, you can take stuff back.  It’s no big deal.  The people at the […]

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Don’t Insure Your Cell Phone

Quick And Dirty Guide To Buying A Used Cellphone

When you go to Best Buy, one of the wireless carriers, or wherever you buy a television or a high-end cell phone, don’t buy the add-on insurance.  Ever. This is a tax on the mathematically challenged. Think about it.  What are the odds that your phone will break within the two years of the service […]

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Build Wealth on The Trailing Edge of Technology

Build Wealth on the Trailing Edge of Technology

You can get rich riding the trailing edge of technology.  This means just buy slightly used or slightly older models of cell phones. Here’s an example.  I’ve decided to upgrade my cell phone.  I’m doing this because I want a higher quality camera for making videos for  I’ve done my research, and I’m going […]

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Quick Savings: Share Amazon Prime

Share Amazon Prime

Did you know you can share your Amazon Prime subscription benefits with family members and another adult?  My parents, sister, and I have been sharing for years.  We keep the prime membership in my name, but rotate who pays each year.  Same exact benefit, one third the cost. (Please note that the terms of service […]

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Challenge Your Assumptions About Christmas

My sister and I give each other roughly $20 in gifts individually each Christmas.  The rest of my family gives maybe a smidge more, but not much. Are you giving gifts valued deep into the hundreds or thousands of dollars? Cool if you want to, but you don’t have to…..  Nobody even has to know […]

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