Frugal Travel – It’s Easy To Travel For Less And Come Out WAY Ahead

Frugal Travel - Play Your Game, Not Someone Else's

When I lived overseas, my colleagues would fly their family halfway around the world to take a vacation.  I would get in the car with my girlfriend and drive to a nearby island and go camping or stay in a reasonable hotel.  With this type of frugal travel, I dropped maybe $100 or $200 (yes these were inexpensive countries!) on the entire vacation while my colleagues spent thousands and thousands of dollars.

Did they have more fun than I did?  I don’t think so.  I didn’t burn up huge amounts of time in airports and dealing with jet lag.  Plus, since I was already living abroad, I was already in an exotic place to begin with!

The point is: use your money math skills to make strategic decisions around money.  This isn’t hard.  It’s simply an acquired skill.

The other key is to stop behaving like friends and family if they are idiots about money.  After all, there’s no need to attempt to purchase social status when you can use simpler, less expensive strategies!

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