Bored At Work? Here Are A Few Simple Suggestions To Get You Unstuck And Moving Ahead

Bored At Work - Here Are Some Suggestions

So you’ve landed here because you are bored at work. ¬†Well, I’ve got some suggestions for you.¬† Let’s try to turn this situation around!

Things To Do When You Are Bored At Work

  • Use Evernote or Microsoft OneNote to make plans.
  • Want to write a book? ¬†Outline it.
  • Want to start a blog? ¬†Jot down blog ideas? ¬†(That’s actually how this site and this specific blog post got started.)
  • Want to become an entrepreneur? ¬†Read posts from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Devour all of Mighty Investor’s writing writing focused on managing your career. ¬†It’s time to turn this situation around!

Being Bored Could Be An Opportunity

The above is just a quick list of suggestions, but here’s the bottom line. ¬†Boredom can be an opportunity. ¬†We live in a knowledge economy where value is created with a laptop and creativity. ¬†You can pretty much do this from anywhere, including when you are bored at work. ¬†So be creative when you find yourself stuck. ¬†Those early rough sketches may become something you can build upon.

P.S. This post assumes you are doing a great job to satisfy the expectations of your employer.  For talented people, this can sometimes take up only half the work day depending on the environment.

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