Beware The “Perfect” Career

Beware The Perfect Career

Watch out for trying to build the “perfect” career.  Trying to make it perfect may massively sabotage you.  You will keep changing and moving around and never settle on a trajectory.

Achievement and financial success, for most of us, derive from steady application on a specific trendline.  That is to say by developing valuable skills around a core career theme.

Life and people are multifaceted.  If you expect reality to sync up with an abstract perfection, you may be perpetually disappointed.  Then, you may start spinning your wheels looking for the optimal situation “out there, somewhere over the horizon.”

Yes, change makes perfect sense sometimes.  But beware of starting over too often in the search of the elusive perfect.  You may find yourself at the starting line of life’s race, long after you should have been deep into the run.

This is another way of saying, don’t overoptimize what you are doing.  Instead, accept life’s (seeming) imperfections, develop skills, and have fun!