“Be Realistic!” or “Chase My Dreams?”

Should You Be Realistic, or Chase Your Dreams???

This is a false dichotomy.  I say be realistic while chasing your dreams…..

You have to eat.  So you need money.  Get the best job you can, and chase your dreams like mad on the side.  With this approach, you will be building skills on someone else’s dime.  Even more importantly, you will feel way less stress if you have a reasonably stable financial situation while you experiment, learn, and take steps toward your ultimate goals and dreams.  This will allow you to be more creative, take more risks, and spend resources as needed to advance your knowledge or promote your product(s).

Or, save up enough money to go chase your dreams full time for a while, but don’t burn bridges–so you can go back if you need to.

Be realistic, and chase your dreams!