The Summation Of Decisions

The Summation of Decisions

Your life will eventually be the summation of a lifetime of decisions, both large and small.

A massive percent of the diseases afflicting Americans are related to lifestyle.  You see those people who are stiff, brittle, and limping along at 70?  This is to a large degree a function of a lifetime of decisions. What did they eat?  Did they take walks regularly? Did they sleep enough?  Did they persist in a condition of stress for decades?

Similarly, if you want a successful career, this too will eventually stem from decades of small decisions and the ability to maintain consistency.  The 42-year-old CFO at a top-shelf tech company got there by slowly building skills–perhaps initially studying economics or accounting in high school, choosing a practical degree in college or getting a CPA or CFA soon after graduating from college, working for the right firms, simply taking it one step at a time.

Similarly, your personal life will become the summation of decisions.

Where are the decisions you are making today leading you?  Somewhere wonderful?