Sure, Practice Mindfulness – But What About Ambition In Life

Ambition In Life

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness, meditation, living in the present, etc.  These are all great.  Truly.  They have value.  But here's a word that seems to have fallen by the wayside: ambition.

It's not polite to speak openly about ambition in life.  And there may be good reasons for this (see the final point in this post below.)  But we are among friends here.  So let's give this value the attention it deserves.

Here's To Ambition In Life

Here's to ambition.  To doing something big.  To having an impact.  To making a great return on your time and money.  To having a massive vision.

What about you?  Do you still believe in ambition?  Are you comfortable using this word?  What are your goals for the rest of 2016?  For the next five years?  For the next ten?

Why not have a goal to meditate, live in the present, practice mindfulness, and do something big!  Do you have it in you?  Do you want to?

A Word of Caution About Ambition

You may not want to speak too freely with others about your deepest visions and ambitions in life.  Sometimes it's best to keep your goals to yourself and work, work, work without letting other people's attitudes dilute your efforts.