Mighty Work

Mighty Work

Mighty Investor doesn’t advocate a mad scramble to escape “work.” In particular, we don’t urge abandoning your job unless that is what you are called to do. We think work is noble, enriching, and a profound part of life.

We want you to find your way to be mighty at work—whether that is raising your kids, caring for a relative, teaching your community’s children, preaching at church, starting a tech firm, serving in the military, conducting research, investing in new ventures, or driving a delivery truck.

We want you to find your niche and theme—where your skills, talents, passions, and dreams come most alive.  The world needs your spark.  Seriously.

We don’t think idle people who escape responsibilities are the happiest people.  So, while we preach the joys and merits of financial independence, don’t ever expect the mantra of “escape from work” from MightyInvestor.com.