Early Retirement Is A Mixed Bag At Best – Here’s What To Do Instead

Early Retirement

Early Retirement.  She beckons in the distance like a siren singing her song.  Ahhhh.  Just the idea of early retirement makes you kind of want to relax.  But I have news for you.  Early Retirement is a mixed bag at best.  Here's why--and what to do instead.

So many people seem lost when they try to retire, relax, and cool their heels.  Living an overly sedentary life can also be dangerous to your health.

Early Retirement - Be Careful What You Wish For

The happiest older people I know are busily engaged in hobbies, projects, helping with the grand kids, travel, and other interests. A friend of our family maintained a ranch well into his eighties and early nineties. He was still flying a private plane at the age of 95. (He had been a professional pilot.) When I asked him his secret, he said, "stay busy." This gentleman always had a twinkle in his eye.

Those who languish in retirement tend to potter about looking for something to take up their time. They often struggle and can drift into a negative frame of mind. Perhaps they become obsessed with current events or a narrow brand of politics.

Early Retirement Implies You're Done - Financial Independence Means Freedom and More Options

My role models are the numerous great writers and investors who just kept plying their trade as long as possible.  Sure, I may slow down, but I hope to keep working as long as possible--on my terms.  

That's why I say yes to financial independence, but no to early retirement.

But what about you?  When you hit financial freedom, what will you do after that?  If you aren't working towards something and productive, will you be as happy and content as you could be?  

It's worth thinking through....