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My Social Security – Set Up A Free Account Online To Double Check Your Benefits And Fight Identity Theft

My Social Security

MightyInvestor.com is focused on earnings, savings, and investing.  As you know, we aren’t huge fans of “retirement.”  However, we do have a tip for you linked to this topic.  Set up your free online account at the Social Security Administration website as soon as possible.

Why You Should Set Up An Account With My Social Security

First, you can quickly log in and make sure the SSA has the correct information for your lifetime earnings history.  Having accurate data with the SSA is crucial to ensuring you will get what you are entitled to if/when you eventually retire.  It’s also pretty interesting to get a sense of what benefits you have already earned and what the different payout amounts are depending on when you retire.

Secondly, identity theft is an increasingly common problem in the digital age.  By signing up at the SSA website, you ensure that someone else who may have stolen your identity doesn’t create an account with SSA instead of you.  Also, if you see weird earnings history popping up on the reports, you may gain a clue that your identity has been stolen.

It’s Worth The Minor Effort

Signing up with the SSA is quick and easy.  It’s worth the minor effort and will help ensure you get paid what you deserve and also combat identity theft.