The Backdoor Roth IRA

Backdoor Roth IRA

Here’s a tip I’ve been using since 2010.  If you prefer a Roth IRA to a traditional IRA but have too high an income to be able to contribute to a Roth, you can contribute to a traditional IRA (taking no tax deduction if you make too much to qualify for the deduction) and then […]

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Obsessively Interested

Early on in your career, it may be better to pile up assets and build a buffer.  I don’t urge “follow you passion” in a simplistic fashion.  In fact, in the modern, competitive world, I advocate a super pragmatic approach to your career and keeping a weather eye on the financial upside. However, at some […]

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The Mighty Pledge

Streaking Towards Financial Independence

The pledge is simple: Our focus is first and foremost on helping YOU.  Yes, we are here to make money as well.  But that takes a back seat to helping YOU. Mighty Investor won’t ever recommend a product or ideas we don’t believe in, ever. We are committed to total transparency.  If we are […]

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Why You Seldom Get Advised To “Save Money”

savings and financial advice

Do you want to know a secret?  Most people online that give advice about money and investing avoid talking about savings.  Want to know why?  They worry there is no money in it.  Why teach people to save money–they will never buy your product–the saying goes. Well, Mighty Investor knows that “saving” is one of the the […]

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Smart Investing is About Flourishing

Smart Investing Is About Flourishing

Warren Buffet, arguably the greatest financial investor of the mid-to-late twentieth century, made billions.  But did you know that he destroyed is marriage and created an estranged relationship with his children in the process? Buffet has freely admitted that his monomaniacal focus on investing and piling up money badly damaged his family life. Mighty Investor […]

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