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Will Small Luxuries Make You Rich?

Small Luxuries For The Win

Here’s a counterintuitive approach to achieving financial independence.  Indulge small luxuries. What do I mean by that?  It’s simple.  We all have the impulse to splurge sometimes–to buy something nice.  To enjoy luxury. Rather than attempting to suppress that instinct completely, it is far better to indulge the urge on smaller, more affordable items rather than something […]

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Financial Freedom Quotes – Take Inspiration On Your Path To Financial Success With These Classic Sayings

Financial Freedom Quotes

​​​​​​Here at Mighty Investor, we read a lot of books about investing, money management, career optimization, and frugality.  Along the way, we’ve picked up some pretty cool Financial Freedom quotes. We decided to compile them all in one place for you.  I hope you find inspiration and new ways to look at the path to financial […]

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The One Year Marathon

One-Year Marathon

Focus is crucial to achieving financial independence.  If you are early in this game, I have a suggestion.  Take a year and just go after it. See how much money you can save if you (and your family) make a point to focus intently on jumpstarting your finances.  Turn it into a game.

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