The One Year Marathon

One-Year Marathon

Focus is crucial to achieving financial independence.  If you are early in this game, I have a suggestion.  Take a year and just go after it.

See how much money you can save if you (and your family) make a point to focus intently on jumpstarting your finances.  Turn it into a game.

Focus on your career.  How far can you advance in one year?  Can you start a side business that starts making money?  Reposition yourself within the organization as a top performer?

The tricky one for the marathon is investing.  Often, in investing, doing more is counterproductive.  So I don’t suggest you try to suddenly make more money investing.  But, if you aren’t investing, can you start during the year?  How far can you push yourself to get savvier about the whole process?  Again, to be clear, I’m not advocating that you invest more money than you are comfortable with.  If you do, you may stress out if the market goes down and sell at the wrong time.

If the one-year marathon is too ambitious, try a month, or a week.  Whatever you can do to develop some momentum and move your life towards a position of financial strength.

The point is that, especially if you have debt, going after this early and crushing it pays massive financial returns.

Are you up for a marathon?  It might be fun, and you’ll develop new skills and habits in the process.  Skills that will pay dividends for life…..

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