Financial Freedom: The Simple Path from A to Z…

Financial Freedom - The Path to Massive Wealth

Achieving financial freedom is not that hard.  It’s a matter of high-quality strategic decisions combined with the ability to delay gratification.

Here’s a most basic outline with links to more information.

–Build a basic emergency fund (at least one month’s living expenses).

–Pay off any credit card debt.

–Build out your emergency fund to three months.

–Get the best job you can.

Start investing or get equity in a home.

–Build your financial buffer on the trailing edge of technology and through smart savings.

–Start a side business (if you have an interest in doing this).

–When your side business gets you to “ramen profitable,” either go all in on this and leave your job (but try to negotiate a leave of absence rather than just quitting) or just keep building it on the side as you prefer and as your responsibilities and stage of life allow.

–If you stay in your job, just keep maximizing your career and working your way up the ladder.

–Invest more in stocks or real estate.

–Have fun along the way.

It’s that simple, really.  Make quality decisions, and keep earning, saving, and investing.

Earn, Save, Invest.  Smile.  Repeat.