You Can Invest – Right Now

You Can Invest Right Now

A Mighty Investor is not just someone who owns stocks, index funds, or other financial assets.

Yes, we love investing in financial assets and building a giant financial buffer.  But a Mighty Investor is much more than that.

Don’t have any money?  Here’s where to start investing.

  • How’s your health?  Invest in it.  Seriously.  Go take a five minute walk.  Right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait….  How about diet?  You can start taking microsteps to improve how you eat, move, drink, and sleep each day.  Your physical health, by the way, is much more important than your financial health, especially as you age.
  • Invest in your career.  Take an inventory of where you are in your career.  Are you on the right trajectory?  Are you developing the skills you want to deploy throughout your working life?  Are these skills vulnerable to technological change?  Could you make a move within your company that expands your skillset or gets you a better paycheck?  Do you need to shift institutions or companies?
  • How are your friendships?  Are you lonely?  What are you interested in?  Email your great friend who no longer lives near you and set up a Skype call.  Or go find a meet up group (just google it) and hang out with some new people with a common interest.
  • Invest in your education.  Do you need to go back to school?  You could do it at night if you had to.  Or just take the key courses online.  There are tons of free courses online, or step up and purchase the course online you need to develop your skills and move ahead.
  • Invest in your mind.  Are you wracked by self-doubt and insecurity?  This is actually pretty normal.  Most people are a bundle of nerves.  Start meditating.  This doesn’t need to be complicated.  But take some action to reprogram your thinking.
  • Invest in your relationship with God.  This is beyond the scope of, but developing your relationship with God/Spirit/The Transcendent Ground (call it what you will!) is also profoundly important to your well-being.

You see?  Investing isn’t just about money.  Investing is taking effort now that pays big dividends (financial or otherwise) down the road.  It often involves doing something smart or maybe even a little challenging now for a big payoff in the years ahead.

It’s also helpful to think about the reverse scenario.  Where in your life are you making short-term moves that are actually going to have a massive negative payoff in your future?  Cutting out these behaviors is also a type of investment as well, sometimes the very best.

So where can you invest in your life, right now?