You Are Streaking Like An Arrow Towards Financial Independence

Streaking Towards Financial Independence

You are now streaking like an arrow towards financial independence.  What does that mean?

  • First and foremost, you have forward momentum.  You are moving.  Taking action.
  • Secondly, and as important.  You have a target.  When it comes to your financial life, you aren't just wandering aimlessly.  You are focused, know what's possible, know what to do to get there, and are taking action.  (If you don’t know what's possible and what it takes, keep reading  It won't take long.)
  • There is little friction to your flight.  You have cut out the expenses that don't matter to you.  You renegotiate fees when necessary to cut down on drag.
  • You are silent like an arrow.  The people who achieve don't blather away about what they plan to do.  They do it.  Swift and silent, you are headed toward your target.

Use Mighty Investor To Model The Arrow's Flight to Financial Independence

If the above doesn't describe you, don't sweat it.  It will be soon.  Just keep taking micro-stepped action until you build up momentum -- and you, too, become a silent, streaking, arrow, focused on building wealth and much greater autonomy.

(But remember, the target isn't early retirement--it's financial independence.)