Smart Savings: Hang At The Library On Vacation

Quick Savings - Visit The Library While On Vacation

Sometimes on vacation you just want to chill.  You don't need a beer.  You've already had your coffee.  You just want to read a book or newspaper and soak up the atmosphere.

Here's a suggestion you might not have thought of:

Hang Out At The Library

You get a real flair for the place sometimes when you visit the library, and--depending on the city--some of the libraries are just glorious.

As one example, I was visiting Vail, Colorado, last summer.  We visited the Vail Public Library, and it was such a charming little oasis.  Perched right on the stream that flows through town, I sat inside for a while in front of huge windows facing the mountains.  We eventually moved outside and sat at a table right by the water.  Free internet, no interruptions, just a great place to chill.

Give it a try sometime, and tell me which libraries you love to visit.