Does Money Matter? Heck Yeah, But…

Money Does Matter

Despite the cliché, money does matter. Here's just a few reasons why:

  • Money buys quality health care for you and your kids.
  • Money means not having ambient financial stress day-to-day.
  • Money allows you to see the world.
  • Money will buy a quality university education for you or your family.
  • Money means you won't be a burden on your children in old age.

Build A Foundation

Money helps create the conditions for deeper joy. This is because without resources life can become desperate, and you have to make compromises with yourself and others you otherwise wouldn't.

But True Joy is Found Elsewhere

However, money won't buy you true love. It won't buy give you the deepest peace of mind. It won't guarantee that you've lived a good or fulfilling life.

So, yes, money matters, but it isn't everything. Something to keep in mind as you move towards financial independence……