Are You A Mighty Investor?

What Makes a Mighty Investor?  Good question.

A Few, Simple Qualities Make The Mighty Investor

1. You know that your actions have consequences. That the daily decisions you make from moment to moment cumulatively have a massive impact on your life. That is one of the core beliefs of–we can take cumulative action and build a great life.

2. You think long-term. You aren’t going for get rich quick schemes. You are planting seeds, nurturing them, letting them grow, and harvesting the gains when appropriate. Much of what Mighty Investors do is multiyear in thinking and implementation:

  • years and decades of earning, saving, and investing
  • years of striving to live a reasonably healthy life
  • years of learning skills to build a career
  • years of letting investments mature
  • years of investing in family, friends, and community.

3. A Mighty Investor is strategically frugal, which means you:

  • Buy used cars and keep them for ages
  • Ride the trailing edge of technology
  • Renegotiate fees as needed

    But avoid being an annoying scrooge.

    4. You recognize that work is something to optimize rather than flee.

    5. A Mighty Investor doesn’t just invest in financial assets like index mutual funds. Yes, that’s part of the game, but Mighty Investing is also:

    investing in your health by eating well and exercising

    investing in your career by getting the education and experience you need to develop your theme

    investing by nurturing your professional network

    investing in your family and friends by spending time with them

    investing in your community through charitable contributions or volunteering

    6. Mighty Investors are ambitious. Because we recognize that our cumulative actions determine the life we will live, we take action to build a fantastic life for ourselves, our families, and our community.

    So tell me. Are you a Mighty Investor? You may have to practice some self-restraint and delayed gratification, but on the other side is wealth, health, and a flourishing life….

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