Obsessively Interested

Early on in your career, it may be better to pile up assets and build a buffer.  I don’t urge “follow you passion” in a simplistic fashion.  In fact, in the modern, competitive world, I advocate a super pragmatic approach to your career and keeping a weather eye on the financial upside.

However, at some point you should pile up enough assets that pragmatism will cease to dominate your thinking.  Indeed, looking even beyond the point of financial independence, life is a lot more fun when you really have expertise in something you enjoy–that you can use to make the world richer or help people.

Regardless of where you are on your financial journey, thinking of the long-term, you should be asking yourself, “what am I obsessively interested in?”

That’s usually a clue.

When I worked in international relations, I enjoyed the work.  But I wasn’t reading lots of books on the craft of foreign policy with my free time.  I was reading about investing.  Constantly.  My other lifelong area of intense interest has always been writing.  And finally I’ve had a secondary interest in entrepreneurship and technology.

So, once I’d built up enough of a financial buffer, I made the jump and became a full-time investor who using technology and writing to spread the word on strategic thinking about careers, saving and money.

What about you?  What will you keep doing or thinking about and reading about no matter what happens in your life?

What are you obsessively interested in?  That’s usually a clue.