Don’t Forget Technique….

Shoot For Mastery And Remember Technique

The world of self-improvement writing is full of talk about manifesting, positive thinking, and whatnot.  It's all well and good to follow bliss and visualize results, important even.  

But Here's A Tip.  Remember To Develop Technique.  Master Something.

Want to be an entrepreneur?  Start a company and start selling your products or services.  You will learn to master your technique through doing the work and growing with experience.  Want to be an artist?  Create art.  We can always find excuses for why we can't move ahead, yet we can always move ahead.

Yes, visualization is important.  But it doesn't get you very far if you don't do the work and acquire the skills.

Mastering a Technique Allows You To:

  • Truly confront your fears and identify your blind spots.  You overcome intimidation and anxiety from action and slowly mastering your craft--not just sitting around thinking about success.
  • Get feedback from the real world and real customers, which quickly teaches you what works and what doesn't.
  • Learn the actual pros and cons of your dream career rather than just your fantasies of what it is really like.
  • Develop pride and satisfaction in what you do and enjoy the process of your work day in and day out.

Slowly Master Your Craft

So remember.  Focus on developing your technique and slowly master your craft.  Yes, visualize, manifest, write your goals, and all that (I do).  But the real work is in the doing and learning and refining and deploying your skills and technique.