Are You A Member Of The Elite?

Are you elite?  It’s an interesting question that provokes all sorts of reactions when you ask someone this question.

Especially for Americans, there is almost a taboo to say you are a member of the elite.  It smacks of aristocracy, something we kicked out of the country a long time ago. And, note, I’m not asking if you are “elitist,” which is different, smug, and full of narcissism.  This is not about how you are positioned relative to the rest of society.  Indeed, that can be a mug’s game.

I suggest a specific meaning for the elite.  Let’s see if you are a member:

  • Mindset.  You believe you will come out on top.  You are confident that you can handle the challenges that come your way.  You expect to associate with and work at the finest institutions in the world–or build one yourself.
  • Dress.  You dress (often unconsciously) with the notion that you have it together and are the cream of the crop.  This could be: a well-fitting suit (not necessarily expensive) or it could be ratty shorts and a funny T-shirt.  It’s not the substance of what you wear; it’s the attitude behind the style.  You convey togetherness rather than a shuffling along.
  • Competence.  You are the best at what you do (or will be soon).  People respect and think highly of you.  You respect and think highly of yourself as well.
  • Results.  You expect and produce excellence.

Does this describe you?  Why not?  It might be that you picked up habits and attitudes radically different from these somewhere along the way.  But it’s really up to you going forward.

Of course, maybe you don’t want to be an elite. Maybe you want to be a hippie or something else.  But couldn’t you be an elite hippie?  Just a thought.

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