The Mighty Principles

  • The three financial skills are: earning, saving, and investing.  Most of us have natural abilities in one or two of these skills, but not all three.  These skills can be learned.  Whoop!
  • Earn first.  Save second.  Invest for the long haul.  Oh, yes, and have fun…..
  • Work is not something to escape.  It is something to embrace.  We all have something to contribute to the world.  Productive people are happy people.
  • Those who want to “escape” productive work are in the wrong career field or simply have adopted the “short cut” ethic–which very occasionally leads to riches, but rarely to happiness.
  • A Mighty Investor is not just investing in financial assets.  He/she invests in skills, knowledge, health, and relationships.  All of us, no matter our financial circumstances, can invest in some capacity.
  • Developing the three skills mentioned above is important, but it is not all there is to life.  Focusing too much on money and especially saving money can lead to an unbalanced life with inverted values.
  • We get what we give in life.
  • Creating value for others is deeply satisfying and sometimes quite financially rewarding.