Start Swimming

If you are stuck in your job, or if you simply don’t like where your life is in general, you need to start swimming in a new direction.  This does not mean that you should quit your job immediately.  What it does mean, is that you need to stop thinking so much about what you don’t like and you need to start swimming toward something new that might be better.

The distinction is in taking concrete steps.  They can and should be microsteps.  But do something.  Sign up for a class. Start a blog.  Join a club.  Enroll in college or community college.  Learn to code for free online.  Write the first sentence of the first paragraph of that book you’ve always dreamed of….

Hey.  Doggy paddling is swimming ;).  This doesn’t have to be an epic leap of faith.  I’m not telling you to “jump off the cliff and grow your wings during the fall.”  That image always freaked me out.

But swim you must.  Wondering what direction?  Right now, what first pops to mind?  What popped up before you analyze it to death?  Swim a little that way.  See what happens….

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