So here's the thing.  You've stumbled into one of the Mighty Investor courses.  

Yep.  It's called:

The Mighty Investor Simple Money Guide

Also known as SMG for short.

SMG is a free email-based course that will take you on a journey to improve your savings over the course of 7 emails in approximately 7 days.  There's a reason we say approximately.  (You will find out during the course.?)

The page you just linked in from talking about not trying purchase social status is actually step one in the SMG course.  But there are a bunch more tactical and mindset suggestions as you drill deeper into the course.

For many reasons, I have found that Mighty Investor readers do much much better when we spread out the information in bite-sized emails that you can digest over a week's time.  So the rest of this course is only available through email over the full seven days.

So now it's up to you.  Are you ready to switch this over to email and dig in to SMG more deeply over the course of a week (for free)?  Or do we say farewell now and move on -- like two ships passing in the night?  

Your call, but I hope this isn't goodbye.

Tom Johnston, Founder of